Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Easy Being Green

Turtle Island, Fiji [Image courtesy Turtle Island Resort]

Going green has never looked better. Islands magazine has just honored the Turtle Island Resort in Fiji
with the "Blue List" award for Green Resorts. The remote island hideaway -- they host just 14 couples at a time -- is one of 24 locations around the world to receive the distinction.

[Image Courtesy Turtle Island Resort]

Since buying the island and building the resort back in 1972, owner Richard Evanson has planted more than 500,000 native trees and championed multiple projects to restore the landscape to it's original beauty (it had been ravaged by wild goats when he bought it) and support the local economy and ecosystem. Each bure, for example, was built by local craftsmen using natural materials grown right on the island.

[Image Courtesy Turtle Island Resort]

Now that's green LIVING.

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