Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earthy Exercise

[Photo by Prabhu B/flickr]

Frequent travelers usually like to stay in shape (you never know when you're going to have to sprint to your next flight gate or squeeze into that tiny bikini), but while we're looking out for our bodies, we can also look out for the planet. In honor of Earth Day, here are seven ways to green your exercise routine, courtesy of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel...

1. Donate your used fitness shoes.
Soles4Souls ( donates shoes to those in need. Nike also accepts shoes and recycles them into sports courts around the world (

2. When participating in a race, walk or other event, carry your own water or sports drink in a reusable plastic bottle (if you don't mind the extra weight).

3. Leave your car in the driveway and ride your bike to the gym (especially on weekends, when you have more time).

[Photo by Tuftronic1000/flickr]

4. Carpool to races.

5. Wear eco-friendly training clothing.

6. Sign an "eco-pledge" created especially for athletes, at

7. Designate a cleanup day for your running, cycling, inline skating or fitness club, where you agree to pick up the garbage along your usual route.

[Photo by Per Ola Wiberg

Happy Earth Day!!


Anonymous said...

Didn't know you could recycle your shoes! So cool. I have got a few pair that need a reinvention. I'll get on that.


Emz said...

Ohh this are fun. haha, I actually need to go run... wow.

drollgirl said...

these are so great!!! and i had NO IDEA about #1!!!!