Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How the World Makes Love

Talk about making the most out of a bad situation! After being dumped at the alter, Franz Wisner didn't want to miss out on his planned 2-week honeymoon in Costa Rica. So, in the absence of a new Mrs. Wisner, he took his brother. Turns out, they had so much fun that 2 weeks turned into a 2-year round-the-world trip and a New York Times bestseller called Honeymoon With my Brother.

Kurt and Franz Wisner [Photo by Stephen Brown]

Now, Wisner has just come out with his second travel-related book, How the World Makes Love (wonder what researching this one entailed). In all seriousness, though, word is this is a fantastically entertaining book that chronicles not only love rituals in Egypt, Brazil, New Zealand and Nicaragua (to name a few countries), but Wisner's own rocky love life back home in L.A.

I can't imagine a more appropriate springtime read! You can get a copy at Amazon


MS said...

That's so crazy. He was the dumpee right? At least he got a book out of it!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what his ex-woman thinks now...hmm.... haha

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of in love with the title. :)

kadler said...

Hm, I would love to just take off for two years and travel and have all the time in the world to write.

Am I a little bitter? Perhaps...