Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kenyan Couture

After more than a decade of collecting African textiles, Max Osterweis didn't want to keep his colorful Kenyan kangas all cooped up anymore. So, he took to the streets and created SUNO, an amazingly modern fashion line -- all one-of-a-kind pieces -- that blends traditional Kenyan fabrics with urban style.

Max says the inspiration for his very first collection (spring/summer 2009) comes from both the women of coastal East Africa and the women of downtown New York. The real catalyst for starting the line, though, was his worry that post-election turmoil in Kenya would keep foreigners from visiting or investing there. He sees SUNO as a highly-visible way to showcase Kenyan artistry, employ local talent and, hopefully, promote some positive social and economic change.

Wondering how it works? All the design and development happens in New York. Then, they take the patterns and samples to Kenya, where the garments are produced by skilled artisans in small workshops.

Beautiful designs that are glamorous and globally conscious -- couldn't love this more!

Photos by Tina Tyrell


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely amazing! I love the clothes - definitely something I would buy for both looking good and doing good :)

Trisch xo

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

the clothes and the photo shoots are gorgeous!

drollgirl said...

fantastic clothes and pics. love it. i wish i would look half that good in them!

Stacy said...

the photo with the speaker is awesome.

Unknown said...

omg I love these.