Monday, March 16, 2009

Sleep Guru

You may have noticed a recent pause in postings. Simple explanation: I spent most of last week in Vegas on a writing assignment for American Airlines. The trip was great. However, taking the red eye back to New York Saturday night wasn't quite as exciting. Unable to get comfy on the plane, I was completely wiped out when I got home and spent all day (yawn) in bed. Hopefully, though, this will be the last time I suffer a sleepless overnight flight. Today, I discovered This site weighs the pros and cons of every seat on every commercial plane (with specific info on limited recline, reduced legroom, mis-aligned windows, and more) to help you pick the one that's most conducive to beauty rest -- a dream come true.


drollgirl said...

that is so funny! a whole website dedicated to trying to find the least horrid seat on an airplane!!!

hope you get some rest and that you feel better soon. and i hope they paid you well!!!

Anonymous said...

Get some rest. What a good idea for a site though :)

Trisch xo